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IAGA Working Group V-Dat Task Forces

At the IUGG in Birmingham (July 1999), Division V-DAT (formaly Working Group 2) business meeting, several items needing action during the next two years were identified. These action items, along with the main contacts, are determine indice users needs, report on the PC indice, referee report on the PC indice, and data exchange format.

Determine Indice Users Needs

Richard Holme (GFZ)
Chris Balch (NOAA/SEG)
Activities for this group include a survey of community to determine:

  • Who is using indices?
  • Which indices are they using?
  • How timely do they need the various indices?


Report on the PC Indice

Oleg. Troshichev (AARI)
Ole Rassmussen (DMI)
Volodya Papitashvilli (U of Michigan)
Activities for this group include:

  • produce report describing the PC family, method of producing, and use of index in sufficient detail to enable others to continue to produce the index.
  • The report should include such things as a table of coefficients.

Download report A new IAGA index for description of polar cap magnetic activity (pdf 782Kb)


Referee Report on the PC Indice

Richard Coles,
Michelle Minvielle
Activities for this group include:

  • referee report
  • provide approved report (or url to report) to WG chairs (chairs will then draft a letter from the President of IAGA to the institutes operating Thule and Vostok)
  • announce PC Index in IAGA News


Data Exchange Format

Susan McLean (WDC Boulder)
Volodya Papitashvilli (U of Michigan)
Susan Macmillan (BGS)
Don Herzog (USGS)
Activities of this group include:

  • Data Format Recommendations for 1-second, monthly means -
    Comments should be sent to members of the task force or to the chairs of WGV2.
  • Carry-over tasks from previous year:
    • WIPO - report on attempts to copyright data and database;
    • Review and improve the mean hourly magnetic database;

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