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U.S. Coastal Lidar Elevation Data - Including the Great Lakes and Territories, 1996 - present
    fileIdentifier:  gov.noaa.ngdc:USCoastalLidarElevationData
    language:  eng; USA
    characterSet:  (MD_CharacterSetCode) utf8
    hierarchyLevel:  (MD_ScopeCode) series
    contact:  Mike Sutherland(author) (CI_ResponsibleParty)
        organisationName: (withheld)
        role:  (CI_RoleCode) author
    dateStamp:  2015-09-17
    metadataStandardName:  ISO 19115-2 Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data
    metadataStandardVersion:  ISO 19115-2:2009(E)
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    spatialRepresentationInfo:  (MD_VectorSpatialRepresentation)
        geometricObjects:  (MD_GeometricObjects)
            geometricObjectType:  (MD_GeometricObjectTypeCode) point
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    identificationInfo:  (MD_DataIdentification)
        citation:  (CI_Citation)
            title:  U.S. Coastal Lidar Elevation Data - Including the Great Lakes and Territories, 1996 - present
            date:  (CI_Date)
                date:  1996-01-01
                dateType:  (CI_DateTypeCode) creation
            citedResponsibleParty:  NCEI (publisher)
            citedResponsibleParty:  NOAA CSC (originator)
            citedResponsibleParty:  NOAA CSC (publisher) (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName: (withheld)
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) publisher
        abstract:  The NOAA Coastal Services Center manages and distributes lidar data for the coastal United States, including territorial possessions via the Digital Coast Data Access Viewer web-mapping application. The data span from the mid-1990's to the present and were collected using several different sensors. The collection includes data from topographic and bathymetric lidar sensors. Data are available for shoreline strips to full county coverage and larger. The products have been delivered to the CSC in various formats, projections, datums, and units. Once received, the data are reviewed, checked for errors, and standardized in a single format, projection, and datum. The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center serves as the long-term archive of these data.
        purpose:  These topographic/bathymetric lidar data are made available to the public and coastal management community for a wide variety of uses, such as morphologic change analyses, inundation mapping, habitat classification, and visualization. NOTE: These data are NOT to be used for navigation.
        status:  (MD_ProgressCode) onGoing
        pointOfContact:  Mike Sutherland (pointOfContact) (CI_ResponsibleParty)
            organisationName: (withheld)
            role:  (CI_RoleCode) pointOfContact
        resourceMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
            maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) asNeeded
        descriptiveKeywords:  NGDA Elevation Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Land Surface > Topography
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Land Surface > Topography > Terrain Elevation
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Land Surface > Geomorphology > Coastal Landforms/Processes
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomorphic Landforms/Processes > Coastal Landforms
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Oceans > Coastal Processes > Coastal Elevation
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Oceans > Coastal Processes > Shoreline
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Oceans > Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography > Bathymetry
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Oceans > Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography > Seafloor Topography
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Oceans > Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography > Water Depth
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  GCMD Science Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  United States of America
            keyword:  Land Surface
            keyword:  Sea Floor
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) place
            thesaurusName:  GCMD Location Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  U.S. shoreline
            keyword:  U.S. Great Lakes shoreline
            keyword:  U.S. Territories shoreline
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) place
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Earth Remote Sensing Instruments > Active Remote Sensing > Altimeters > Lidar/Laser Altimeters > LIDAR ALTIMETERS > Light Detection and Ranging Altimeters
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) instrument
            thesaurusName:  GCMD Instrument Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  DOC/NOAA/NOS/CSC > Coastal Services Center, NOS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
            keyword:  DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
            keyword:  DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NGDC > National Geophysical Data Center, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) dataCenter
            thesaurusName:  GCMD Data Center Keywords
        resourceConstraints:  Lidar Use Limitation
        resourceConstraints:  NOAA Legal Statement
        spatialRepresentationType:  (MD_SpatialRepresentationTypeCode) vector
        language:  eng; USA
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) elevation
        extent:  (EX_Extent)
            geographicElement:  (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
                westBoundLongitude:  -180
                eastBoundLongitude:  -64.56
                southBoundLatitude:  -14.38
                northBoundLatitude:  71.39
            geographicElement:  (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
                westBoundLongitude:  144.61
                eastBoundLongitude:  180
                southBoundLatitude:  13.23
                northBoundLatitude:  53.02
            temporalElement:  (EX_TemporalExtent)
                    beginPosition:  1996-01-01
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    distributionInfo:  (MD_Distribution)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  ASCII
            version: (unknown)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  LAS
            version: (unknown)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  LAZ
            version: (unknown)
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  NOAA CSC (distributor) (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName: (withheld)
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) distributor
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                fees:  Free online via the Digital Coast Data Access Viewer
                orderingInstructions:  Ordering Instructions: Free online
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  Mike Sutherland
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                orderingInstructions:  NCEI (formerly National Geophysical Data Center) serves as the archive for this LIDAR dataset. NCEI should only be contacted for the data if it cannot be obtained from NOAA Coastal Services Center.
        transferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage: http://csc.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/data/coastallidar
                protocol:  http
                name:  NOAA CSC Digital Coast Coastal Lidar Webpage
                description:  CSC distributes lidar data for the coastal U.S. and territories.
                function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) information
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage: http://www.csc.noaa.gov/dataviewer/
                name:  NOAA CSC Digital Coast Data Access Viewer
                description:  Web-mapping application used to search for and obtain a variety of data, including coastal lidar
                function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) search
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    dataQualityInfo:  NCEI repository history
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    metadataMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
        maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) annually
        dateOfNextUpdate:  2014-03-28
        maintenanceNote:  This record was automatically modified on 2015-09-17 to include references to NCEI where applicable.
        contact:  Anna Milan
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    acquisitionInformation:  (MI_AcquisitionInformation)
        instrument:  (MI_Instrument)
            identifier: (inapplicable)
            type:  Topographic Lidar Mapping System
        instrument:  (MI_Instrument)
            identifier: (inapplicable)
            type:  Bathymetric Lidar Mapping System