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SIO Geochemistry of Ferromanganese Nodules from the Sea Floor
browse graphic The Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) compiled data on the geochemistry of marine ferromanganese nodules as part of the International Decade of Ocean Exploration (IDOE), funded by the National Science Foundation, through 1981. The SIO files contain data from approximately 1,500 samples collected at 861 locations worldwide. Data were abstracted from the literature, and other sources. The five files include data source, latitude/longitude, sampling device, water depth, nodule type, and weight percentages of selected elements. Files of additional elemental analyses, and bibliographic references are also included. The SIO data are also available as part of the NGDC marine minerals database and corresponding NOAA & MMS Marine Minerals CDROM data set released by NGDC in October of 1992. SIO nodule analysis data are available for direct download from NGDC's web server, or on CD-ROM.