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Marine Ecosystems Analysis (MESA) Program, New York Bight Surficial Sediment Analyses
browse graphicThe Marine Ecosystems Analysis (MESA) Program, New York Bight Study was funded by NOAA and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Atlas was a historical compilation of surficial sediment grain size analyses in the NY Bight from 1957-1979. 5,928 cores, grabs, and dredges are included from multiple cruises: (BCTS, BLM01B-BLM08B, FIM01-FIM14, HSV, LEI-A - LEI-M, OCSS, Quart1 - Quart5, RBCI02 - RBCI04, RBCII1 - RBCII4, and RECON). Data are in the historic 073 format. Data include collecting institution, ship, cruise, sample id, latitude/longitude, date of collection, water depth, sampling device, method of analysis, sample weight, sampled interval, raw weight percentages of sediment, within a given phi range. Some samples also have percentages of total gravel, sand, silt, clay, and statistical measurements such as mean, median, skewness, kurtosis, and standard deviation of grain size. These data are part of the larger NGDC Seafloor Sediment Grain Size Database. In addition to grain size data included in the atlas, this data set also contains related sediment geochemistry in the MESA 001 format, and some originator’s grain size data in the MESA 003 format which were returned to the originator for error correction and may not be represented in the 073 format data.

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Original data and documentation for the historical compilation of MESA NY Bight grainsize data (MGG03995007) in the fixed-field 073 format, data and documentation for geochemical data in the MESA 001 format, and additional grain size analyses in the MESA 003 format not all of which is included in the atlas.
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Download MESA NY BIGHT Atlas grain size data (MGG03995007) in delimited form from the NGDC Seafloor Sediment Grain Size Database.
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