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Magnetic Field Calculator

The Magnetic Field Calculator will calculate the total magnetic field, including components (declination, inclination, horizontal intensity, northerly intensity, easterly intensity, vertical intensity) and the annual change for each. Each calculation is for a specific location, elevation and date or range of dates. The calculated result can be obtained from two separate geomagnetic models, the IGRF11 or the WMM2010. Declination is calculated using the current World Magnetic Model (WMM) or International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) model. While results are typically accurate to 30 minutes of arc, users should be aware that several environmental factors can cause disturbances in the magnetic field.

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    • publication: 2009-12-01
    Data Presentation Form: mapDigital
    Dataset Progress Status Complete
    Data Update Frequency: As needed
    Purpose: The purpose of the calculators is to deliver trusted magnetic field values - past, present, and near future - to aid the public as well as the scientific community in proper navigation, positioning, and other operational and research magnetic field scenarios.
    Time Period: 1900-01-01  to  2014-12-31
    Spatial Reference System: urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326
    Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates:
    N: 90
    S: -90
    E: 180
    W: -180
    Spatial Coverage Map:
    • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Field
    • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Intensity
    • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Declination
    • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Inclination
    • Geographic Region > Global
    Use Constraints No constraint information available
    • None
    Source Datasets
    • The US/UK World Magnetic Model for 2010-2015
    Lineage Statement Lineage statement not available.
    Processing Steps
    • User input of area of interest and time for desired data grid into a web interface.
    • User data is sent via HTTP request to a java servelet hosted on a local NGDC server. This checks that all of the necessary information to run the model executable correctly is present and in the correct format.
    • NGDC server accesses a C executable, in this case the IGRF executable, and inputs the user data and runs the executable to obtain desired output parameters in XML format.
    • The XML created by the executable is sent back to NGDC server and input into the Java servelet which reformats the output into the format designated by the user at the begining of the process. This reformatted information is returned to the User's webpage.

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