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World Magnetic Model 2010

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The World Magnetic Model is the standard model used by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K. Ministry of Defence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), for navigation, attitude and heading referencing systems using the geomagnetic field. It is also used widely in civilian navigation and heading systems. The model, associated software, and documentation are distributed by NGDC on behalf of NGA. The model is produced at 5-year intervals, with the current model expiring on December 31, 2014.

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    World Magnetic Model (WMM2010) with the new C software and executables for Windows environment.
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    World Magnetic Model (WMM2010) with new C software and executables for Linux environment.
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    World Magnetic Model (WMM2010) with Fortran source code and executables for Windows and Linux environments.
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    World Magnetic Model (WMM2010) with C source code and executables for Windows and Linux environments.
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    World Magnetic Model (WMM2010) with Stand-alone Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows and C source code.
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  • DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI > National Centers for Environmental Information, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • publication: 2009-12-01
Edition: 3
Data Presentation Form: mapDigital
Dataset Progress Status Complete
Data Update Frequency: As needed
Purpose: Purpose statement not available
Time Period: 2000-01-01  to  2014-12-31
Spatial Reference System:
Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates:
N: 90
S: -90
E: 180
W: -180
Spatial Coverage Map:
  • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Field
  • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Intensity
  • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Declination
  • EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Inclination
  • Geographic Region > Global
Use Constraints No constraint information available
  • None
Source Datasets
  • CHAMP Satellite Data
  • ORSTED Satellite Data
  • INTERMAGNET Observatory Data
Lineage Statement Lineage statement not available.
Processing Steps
  • Measurements during daytime and during periods of strong solar activity are contaminated by external current systems, which are difficult to accurately model. Therefore, only nighttime data during magnetically quiet periods were used in generating the WMM coefficients.
  • Some contributions to the measured magnetic field, such as the diamagnetic effect of ionospheric plasma (L?hr et al, 2003) or motional induction by tidal ocean currents (Kuvshinov and Olsen, 2005; Maus, 2007), can be accurately modeled and were corrected for prior to the generation of the WMM main field coefficients.
  • To account for the contributions that have not been removed in the previous steps, an extended set of model parameters is co-estimated with the WMM model coefficients. These account for smaller-wavelength internal magnetic field contributions (spherical harmonic degree larger than 12), second time derivatives (secular acceleration) and contributions from currents external to the Earth. The set of WMM coefficients plus the extended model parameters is called a parent model of the WMM. Two different parent models were produced, reflecting different modeling strategies employed by NGDC for the main field model and BGS for the secular variation model.

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