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Shikotan, Kuril Islands Earthquake, October 4, 1994, Set 2
browse graphic The first slide set of Shikotan, Kuril Islands focused on damage caused by the earthquake. This second set, depicts much of the tsunami damagethat occurred. At Kuzhno-Kurilsk, Kunsashir Island, tsunami heights ranged from 2.5-3.0 m. In the older part of town (fronted by a gentlebeach) all houses were damaged by the wave that penetrated 200-500 m inland. The photos and documentation in this set are from the publicationentitled Geodynamics of Tectonosphere of the Pacific Eurasia Conjunction Zone. Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Branch, Institute of MarineGeology and Geophysics, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 1997.