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United States Earthquake Intensity Database, 1638-1985
    fileIdentifier:  gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.hazards:G01142
    language:  eng; USA
    characterSet:  (MD_CharacterSetCode) utf8
    hierarchyLevel:  (MD_ScopeCode) dataset
    contact:  Haz Info
    dateStamp:  2015-10-01
    metadataStandardName:  ISO 19115-2 Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data
    metadataStandardVersion:  ISO 19115-2:2009(E)
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    identificationInfo:  (MD_DataIdentification)
        citation:  (CI_Citation)
            title:  United States Earthquake Intensity Database, 1638-1985
            date:  (CI_Date)
                date:  1972-01-01
                dateType:  (CI_DateTypeCode) publication
            citedResponsibleParty:  NCEI (publisher)
            citedResponsibleParty:  Paula Dunbar
        abstract:  The United States Earthquake Intensity Database is a collection of damage and felt reports for over 23,000 U.S. earthquakes from 1638-1985. The majority of intensities are for U.S. cities, but there are also a few earthquakes and intensities for Panama (1925-1975), the Philippines (1926-1937), and Mexico (1887-1981). The data were compiled from various publications, newspaper reports, and special catalogs. The annual serial "United States Earthquakes," is the principal data source and provides 90 percent of the observations. Most records in the file contain the date and time of occurrence and location of the earthquake, magnitude, focal depth, two-digit state code, name and coordinates of observing city or town, the observed intensity at each town, and the distance from city (or locality) to epicenter. The file consists of more than 150,000 earthquake intensity observations. The data file serves as an important information source for the preparation of intensity histories that are useful for environmental and hazard impact statements. The file is static and is no longer being updated.
        purpose:  Environmental and hazard impact studies, Research
        status:  (MD_ProgressCode) completed
        pointOfContact:  Paula Dunbar
        resourceMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
            maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) notPlanned
        graphicOverview:  (MD_BrowseGraphic)
            fileName: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/hazard/icons/usaint.jpg
            fileDescription:  Map of earthquake intensity locations.
            fileType:  jpg
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Seismology > Earthquake Occurrences
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Seismology > Earthquake Dynamics
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth > Tectonics > Continental Tectonics
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  NASA/GCMD Earth Science Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Disasters > Catastrophic phenomena > Earthquakes
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Lithosphere > Seismic activity > Seismic activity
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Lithosphere > Seismic monitoring > Seismic monitoring
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  INFOTERRA Keyword Thesaurus
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Epicenter
            keyword:  Hypocenter
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  Uncontrolled Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Seismographs
            keyword:  Seismometers
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  NASA/GCMD Instrument Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  WDS Project Keyword
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Global
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) place
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  NASA/GCMD Location Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  Data Center Keywords
        resourceConstraints:  NGDC Copyright Statement
        resourceConstraints:  NOAA Disclaimer
        language:  eng; USA
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) geoscientificInformation
        extent:  (EX_Extent)
            geographicElement:  (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
                westBoundLongitude:  -180.000000
                eastBoundLongitude:  180.000000
                southBoundLatitude:  4.000000
                northBoundLatitude:  69.000000
            temporalElement:  (EX_TemporalExtent)
                    beginPosition:  1638-06-11
                    endPosition:  1985-12-31
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    distributionInfo:  (MD_Distribution)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  ASCII
            version: (unknown)
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  Haz Info
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                fees:  Free online
        transferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
              Real:  300.0
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/hazard/int_srch.shtml
                protocol:  http
                name:  United States Earthquake Intensity Database Search
                description:  Use this form to search the U.S. Earthquake Intensity Database collection of intensities for over 23,000 U.S. earthquakes. The digital database contains information regarding epicentral coordinates, magnitudes, focal depths, names and coordinates of reporting cities (or localities), reported intensities, and the distance from city (or locality) to epicenter. The file is static and is no longer being updated.
                function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) search
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    dataQualityInfo:  NCEI repository history
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    metadataMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
        maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) unknown
        maintenanceNote:  This record was automatically modified on 2015-10-01 to include references to NCEI where applicable.
        contact:  Anna Milan