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Strong Motion Earthquake Data Values of Digitized Strong-Motion Accelerograms, 1933-1994

browse graphicAccelerograph image of the Imperival Valley Aftershock May 19, 1940 at El Centro, California.
The Strong Motion Earthquake Data Values of Digitized Strong-Motion Accelerograms is a database of over 15,000 digitized and processed accelerograph records from 1933 to 1994. Data were obtained from a variety of structural and geologic environments. Most of the data are available in three levels of processed files. The first type of file contains raw (uncorrected) time, history data points digitized from the analog accelerogram. The second is a filtered, instrument corrected version of the time, history data. This file also contains calculated velocities and displacements obtained by the integration and double integration of the corrected accelerations. The third type of file includes the calculated Fourier and response spectra data. The data are from the United States, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, El Salvador, Fiji, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. This database is static and is no longer being updated.

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    Use this form to search the inventory of record descriptions from NGDC's Strong Motion Earthquake database. The record desriptions include the date, time, location, magnitude of the earthquake; the name, location, structure type, floor number, site geology, and epicentral distance of the station; and the peak accelerograph record parameters.
  • Earthquake Strong Motion Data (download)
    The National Geophysical Data Center and World Data Service for Geophysics Boulder, disseminates a collection of over 15,000 digitized and processed accelerograph records. The data represent a broad range of structural and geologic recording environments. Three types of processed records are included in the archive: uncorrected (raw), corrected (filtered), and response spectra (includes Fourier spectra). The database is static and is no longer being updated.
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  • publication: 1996-04-13
Dataset Progress Status Complete
Data Update Frequency: Not planned
Purpose: Provide strong motion earthquake data for engineering research
Time Period: 1933-03-11  to  1994-01-17
Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates:
N: 62.
S: -45.
E: 178.
W: -178.
Spatial Coverage Map:
  • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Seismology > Earthquake Dynamics
  • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Seismology > Earthquake Occurrences
  • Accelerographs
  • Accelerometers
  • Digitizer
  • Global
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