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2006 URS Corporation Bare Earth Topographic Lidar: Shawsheen River, Massachusetts
browse graphic URS Corporation contracted EarthData International to acquire topographic elevation data for 82 square miles in Essex and Middlesex Counties, Massachusetts during 2006. Products generated include lidar point clouds, 3D hydro breaklines, and lidar bare-earth elevation models in LAS format using lidar collected with a Leica ALS-50 Aerial Lidar Sensor. Lidar Sensor Specifications: Sensor: Leica ALS-50 Aerial Lidar Sensor (s/n ALS036) Airspeed: ~ 130 knots Laser Pulse Rate: 38,000 Hz Field of View: 35 Degrees Scan Rate: 20 Hz Average Swath Width: 1537 meters Nominal Post Spacing 3 meters