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Boulder Magnetic Observatory

browse graphicBaseline values for the Boulder calibration data for 2004
These data are vector and scalar component values of the Earth's magnetic field for 2004 recorded at the Boulder Magnetic Observatory in Colorado. Vector values are measured using 3 mutually orthogonal fluxgate magnetometer sensors. The scalar value of the total magnetic field is recorded with a proton precession magnetometer. All values are calibrated with measurements of the absolute value of the geomagnetic field using a DI-Flux magnetometer. The data are numerically filtered to prevent aliasing, and quality controlled during processing. Longer period values of the field, including hourly, daily, monthly, and annual means are derived from the 1-minute data.

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      • DOI/USGS/GD/CR/GHT > Geologic Hazards Team, Central Region, Geology Division, USGS, U.S. Department of the Interior
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      • publication: 2005-01-01
      Dataset Progress Status Complete
      Data Update Frequency: As needed
      Purpose: To provide ground-based, calibrated values of the Earth's magnetic field at a specific location for scientific research and practical applications.
      Use Limitations
      • NOAA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or integrity of any data provided, nor for any consequences for use of the data for any purpose(s).
      Time Period: 2004-01-01T01010000  to  2004-12-31T24000000
      Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates:
      N: 49.86
      S: 49.86
      E: -105.24
      W: -105.24
      Spatial Coverage Map:
      • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism
      • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Geomagnetic Indices
      • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Declination
      • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Field
      • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Inclination
      • Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Intensity
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      Processing Steps
      • These data were processed using algorithms developed at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

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