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Digitized Historical Geomagnetic Publications in PDF format
    fileIdentifier:  gov.noaa.ngdc.stp.geomag:G10162
    language:  eng; USA
    characterSet:  (MD_CharacterSetCode) utf8
    hierarchyLevel:  (MD_ScopeCode) dataset
    contact:  Justin Mabie
    dateStamp:  2015-09-18
    metadataStandardName:  ISO 19115-2 Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data
    metadataStandardVersion:  ISO 19115-2:2009(E)
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    identificationInfo:  (MD_DataIdentification)
        citation:  (CI_Citation)
            title:  Digitized Historical Geomagnetic Publications in PDF format
            date:  (CI_Date)
                date:  2010-09-21
                dateType:  (CI_DateTypeCode) publication
            citedResponsibleParty:  NCEI (publisher)
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName:  NGDC geomag group data rescue effort
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) originator
        abstract:  A catalog of 732 historical geomagnetic publications that were at risk of loss have been digitized and converted in pdf documents.
        purpose:  Preserve historical data and metadata
        status:  (MD_ProgressCode) completed
        pointOfContact:  Justin Mabie
        resourceMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
            maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) notPlanned
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism
            keyword:  Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Field
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  NASA/GCMD Earth Science Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  Data Center Keywords
        resourceConstraints:  (MD_Constraints)
            useLimitation:  none
        resourceConstraints:  (MD_LegalConstraints)
            useConstraints:  (MD_RestrictionCode) otherRestrictions
            otherConstraints:  Use Constraints: none
        resourceConstraints:  (MD_LegalConstraints)
            accessConstraints:  (MD_RestrictionCode) otherRestrictions
            otherConstraints:  Access Constraints: none
        language:  eng; USA
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) geoscientificInformation
        extent:  (EX_Extent)
            geographicElement:  (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
                westBoundLongitude:  -180
                eastBoundLongitude:  180
                southBoundLatitude:  -90
                northBoundLatitude:  90
            temporalElement:  (EX_TemporalExtent)
                    beginPosition:  1836-01-01
                    endPosition:  1992-12-31
        supplementalInformation:  file path includes year of publication and file name includes author_year_(publication id)
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    distributionInfo:  (MD_Distribution)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  pdf
            version: (unknown)
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  Justin Mabie
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                fees:  none
        transferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
              Real:  4500
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage:  ftp://ftp.ngdc.noaa.gov/wdc/geomagnetism/docs/publications/
                protocol:  ftp
                name:  Index of ftp
                description:  FTP site for data
                function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) download
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage:  ftp://ftp.ngdc.noaa.gov/wdc/geomagnetism/docs/publications/
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    dataQualityInfo:  NCEI repository history
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    dataQualityInfo:  (DQ_DataQuality)
        scope:  (DQ_Scope)
            level:  (MD_ScopeCode) dataset
        report:  (DQ_CompletenessCommission)
            evaluationMethodDescription:  100%
            result: (unknown)
        report:  (DQ_ConceptualConsistency)
            measureDescription:  PDF documents are created to match the original publication. Some errors are possible, but none have been found.
            result: (unknown)
        lineage:  (LI_Lineage)
            processStep:  (LE_ProcessStep)
                description:  pdf conversion
                  DateTime:  2010-09-01T00:00:00
                output:  #none
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    metadataMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
        maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) annually
        maintenanceNote:  This metadata was automatically generated from the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata: Extensions for Remote Sensing Metadata standard (version FGDC-STD-012-2002) using the 2012-08-08 version of the FGDC RSE to ISO 19115-2 transform.
        maintenanceNote:  Translated from FGDC 2012-10-10T11:05:30.297-06:00
        maintenanceNote:  This record was automatically modified on 2015-09-18 to include references to NCEI where applicable.
        contact:  Justin Mabie
        contact:  Justin Mabie