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Solar Imagery - Boulder Neutral Line Drawings
browse graphicSynoptic Analysis Drawings, also known as Neutral Line (NL) drawings, are produced each day by space weather forecaster at the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). These professional drawings ensure the forecasters have a comprehensive view of all relevant solar features. Daily drawings are available back to June 2, 1972 and are still being produced today. The drawing show features such as neutral lines, coronal hole boundaries, active regions, plage, filaments and prominences. Also included are specific information about coronal hole polarity, active region numbers, flare probabilities for each region and proton event probabilities for each region. The National Geophysical Data Center provides these drawings both as pdf images, available online, or as high-resolution tif images available by request.

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Browse images can be downloaded free of charge from the NGDC Solar and Terrestrial Physics (STP) division. High resolution images are available by request.

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