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NOS-National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON)
browse graphic The NWLON is a coastal observing network of 175 stations nation wide, including the Great Lakes and Pacific as well as Atlantic Ocean Island Territories and Possessions that collects continuous long-term water level observations to a known vertical reference. NWLON data communications include near real-time routine automated acquisition and event-driven high rate acquisition over GOES satellites. The application of the NWLON data and products has broadened and its capability needs to expand beyond the water level observation network that now exists. The NWLON, as an observing network, is not considered complete in terms of the number and location of stations required to meet basic missions of providing control for tide and water level datum determination, tide predictions and long-term sea level variations. To meet these traditional NOAA mission requirements the number of stations required to provide a basic national reference system should be closer to 275-300. However, a complete backbone to meet regional, local and other national coastal monitoring needs for all applications could be several more hundred stations.