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Be a tester!

Do you know that your smartphone can measure the natural magnetic field surrounding you? Here is an opportunity for you to be a part of our research on the geomagnetic field. Share your magnetic data and view maps and graphs shared by other citizen scientists. Here is the Android version of our World Magnetic Model app to help you to help us! This is an alpha version with some bugs that are rough around the edges. We do need your feedback to help progress to the next stage of the release app. Stay tuned for iOS (iPhone) version.

There are three steps to take part in this project.

1) Request to join the testing group here . Use the Gmail address associated with your Andorid phone.

2) Once you get the approval email download the app for your android phone by clicking the Google Play link below. NOAA Disclaimer for external links.

3) Enable background reporting in the app's setting to send data to us. Try experimenting with different settings. Get measurements at all places you can. Please send your comments and suggestions to

Get it on Google Play


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