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General Information
File Identifier: gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.geology:G03298
Metadata Date Stamp: 2015-03-19
Organization: DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NGDC > National Geophysical Data Center, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
Organization Role: pointOfContact
Identification Information
Title: Archive of Core and Site/Hole Data and Photographs from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)
Dataset Publication Date: 2005-12-31
Abstract: The Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) operated the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution from 1984-2003 for over 100 cruises worldwide. The ODP was funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and several countries through the Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES). In 2005, the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) received a complete extract of prime scientific data from the ODP JANUS relational database for permanent archival at NGDC. Data include all of the digital sediment, and hard-rock data collected on all legs of the program stored in the JANUS database as of December 2005. Data types include: 1) Bulk density estimation by gamma-ray attenuation densiometry (gra), 2) Carbon carbonate (carb), 3) Discrete p-wave velocity (pws1, pws2, pws3), 4) Downhole temperature (temp), 5) Gas chromatography (gas), 6) Inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission spectrometry (icp-aes), 7) Interstitial water (iw), 8) Magnetic susceptibility (msl), 9) Moisture and density (mad), 10) Natural gamma radiation (ngr), 11) Palemagnetism (pmag), 12) P-wave velocity logger (pwl), 13) Reflectance spectrophotometry and colorimetry (rsc), 14) Rock evaluation (re), 15) Shear strength (avs, pen, tor), 16) Thermal conductivity (tcon), 17) X-ray diffraction (xrd), and 18) X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (xrf). In 2007, NGDC received a complete copy of digital core photographs and closeup core photographs as high-resolution TIFF images from IODP for the ODP cores. Additional scanned microphotographs, photographs, and descriptive data were received in 2013. The photos are archived and available on request, but not offered online due to their volume. The data and images described above are distinct from the former data for ODP legs 101-129 published by NGDC on CDROM in both content and format.
Credit ODP data were compiled by Texas A and M University, Science Operator for the Ocean Drilling Program, with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).
Constraints Cite as: Ocean Drilling Program (2005): Archive of Core and Site/Hole Data and Photographs from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA. doi:10.7289/V5W37T8C [access date]
Data Type: Vector
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Data Theme
Theme Topics: Geological and Geophysical, Oceans and Estuaries
Reference System Information
Reference System URN: urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:4326
Spatial Domain
West Bounding Longitude: -179.5558
South Bounding Latitude: -70.8315
East Bounding Longitude: 176.9977
North Bounding Latitude: 80.4747
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Beginning Date: 1984-01-01
Ending Date: 2003-12-31
Data Quality Information
Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
Data History: Core data were exported from the JANUS database management system at Texas A and M as ASCII files for transfer to NGDC. Quality control was performed by TAMU staff. Most core images and other documents were scanned from paper copies by TAMU. Some core images were digital line scans of cores.
Contact Information
Organization: DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NGDC > National Geophysical Data Center, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce
Contact Position: Marine Geology Data Manager
Address: 325 Broadway, Mail Code E/GC3
City: Boulder
State: CO
Postal Code: 80305-3328
Country: USA
Telephone: (303) 497-6339
Fax: (303) 497-6513
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Instrument: In Situ/Laboratory Instruments
Platform: 54JR
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