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General Information
File Identifier: gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.geology:G00249
Metadata Date Stamp: 2015-12-31
Identification Information
Title: SIO 76-3, Sediment Descriptions from the Studies of East Asia Tectonics and Resources (SEATAR) Program
Dataset Publication Date: 1976-05-31
Abstract: The SEATAR files were compiled by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography with funds from IDOE/NSF, as part of the SIO world sediment data bank, under the direction of Jane Frazer and Mary Fisk. Data were abstracted from published sources through 1976 and include descriptions of 5919 grabs/dredges and 2249 cores from the area 15 degrees south to 45 degrees north, 90 degrees to 150 degrees east. The Indian Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Inland Sea, Eastern China Sea, Yellow Sea, Japan Sea, East Indian Archipelago, Coral Sea, Solomon Sea, and Bismarck Seas are included. The files include station information, bibliographic references, and descriptive information including lithology, percent CaCO3, constituents by grain size, organic material/fossils, ages, other features, and minerals. Additional, geophysical data from the SEATAR project are also available through NCEI. Digital SEATAR sediment files are available for download.
Credit Frazer, J.Z.; and Hawkins, D.L. 1976. Index to sediment samples from East and Southeast Asia Seas. Scripps Institute of Oceanography, National Science Foundation Grant No. ID075-16025.
Constraints Access to this dataset is unrestricted.
Data Type: Vector
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Data Theme
Theme Topics: Geological and Geophysical, Oceans and Estuaries
Spatial Domain
West Bounding Longitude: 90.015
South Bounding Latitude: -14.983
East Bounding Longitude: 149.978
North Bounding Latitude: 45
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Beginning Date: 1977-01-20
Ending Date: 1977-01-20
Data Quality Information
Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
Data History: This metadata record describes only the SEATAR core data. Core data include 71,195 records describing 8,168 samples on one nine track ASCII magnetic tape with 132 character records blocked to 3960 characters per block. The tape contained three files: 1) station list, 2) descriptions, and 3) bibliographic information. Other SEATAR data received and processed as geophysical data include: seven additional nine track tapes containing underway and other geophysical data. In addition to the digital data, Lamont-only geophysical information included: One reel of 35-mm microfilm containing sonobuoy records, 9 sheets of microfiche containing seismic profiles, and 1 sheet of microfiche containing sonobuoy locations were also received and inventoried/processed separately.
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