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Repository: ECS [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Healy
Cruise: HLY0805 (HE0805)
Sample: HLY0805-DR3
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: 81.30276
Longitude: -151.93883
Water Depth(m): 3468
Date: 20080901 to 20080901
PI: Larry Mayer
IGSN: ECS000003

Dredge Site #3 down section in same bathymetric formation as DR1. Submarine fault block. Alpha Ridge. South central border with Nautilus Basin. Descriptions below are preliminary visual shipboard observations.
1 :    IGSN ECS000018  
Comments: Sample or specimen identified as HLY0805-DR3-001, various <5cm rock.
Description: angular and sub rounded gravel/cobbles of various rock types (manganese crust)
2 :    IGSN ECS000019   [material from this subsample is not available]
Comments: Currently on loan for ECS-related research. Sample or specimen identified as HLY0805-DR3-MUD.