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Repository: ECS [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Healy
Cruise: HLY1002 (H-3-10-AR)
Sample: HLY1002-2TC-1
Device: corer, trigger wt.
Latitude: 70.9591
Longitude: -144.05238
Water Depth(m): 1157
Date: 20100812
PI: Brian Edwards
IGSN: ECS003004
Core length (cm): 79
Storage: refrigerated
Province: slope, continental

Trigger core, 1 section. Subsamples: core cutter, core catcher, scrape of external pipe for microfauna. Site info: L977AR Ln720. Pull out: 4900. Time: 11:19 Outcrop exposure near edge of Beaufort shelf.
1 :    IGSN ECS00009F   0. to 79. cm in core
Comments: Core section 1, identified as HLY1002-2TC-1-001
2 :    IGSN ECS00009G  
Comments: Core Catcher, identified as HLY1002-2TC-1-CA. Two bags, HLY1002-2TC-1-CA-1 (ECS00009J) and HLY1002-2TC-1-CA-2 (ECS00009K).
3 :    IGSN ECS00009H  
Comments: Core Cutter, identified as HLY1002-2TC-1-CC.
4 :    IGSN ECS00009I  
Comments: External scrape for microfauna, identified as HLY1002-2TC-1-MFx.