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Repository: LDEO [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Robert D. Conrad
Cruise: RC15 (RC1510)
Sample: 020RD
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: 27.7
Longitude: -61.1666
Water Depth(m): 5390 to 5386
Date: 19720717
Storage: room temperature, dry
1 :    bulk weight = 31.752 kg
Comments: 70 lbs
Description: Spheroidal Mn nodules from 2 cm to15 cm in diameter. Pieces of broken Mn possibly crust; conglomerates of semi-consolidated clay with Mn and basaltic-type rock (probably). Large worm tubes in sediment (1cm x 5 cm). Other pieces of basaltic rock Mn coating on most. Note 1. Mn coating inside of worm tubes. 2. Angularity of basalt in conglomerate.