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Repository: LDEO [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Robert D. Conrad
Cruise: RC17 (RC1702)
Sample: 022TW
Device: corer, trigger wt.
Latitude: 10.818
Longitude: -43.958
Water Depth(m): 5191
Date: 19731114
Core length (cm): 40
Diameter (cm): 3
Storage: room temperature, moisture sealed
1 :    0. to 26. cm in core
Primary composition: calcareous, foraminifera
Primary texture: mud or ooze
Secondary composition: terrigenous
Secondary texture: mud or ooze
Components: volcanics
siliceous, sponge spicules
Geologic Age: unknown
2 :    26. to 40. cm in core
Primary composition: terrigenous
Primary texture: mud or ooze
Components: manganese
Geologic Age: unknown