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Repository: ECS [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Marcus G. Langseth
Cruise: MGL1111 (L-11-11-BS)
Sample: MGL1111-CTD4
Device: core, gravity
Latitude: 55.15945
Longitude: -177.7997
Water Depth(m): 1074
Date: 20110829
PI: Ginger Barth
Storage: refrigerated
Province: rise or ridge, aseismic ocean
1 :    0. to 20.3 cm in core
Comments: 8 inch mini gravity corer/CTD bottom detector, < 1 cubic cm, loose sample only. Remaining sediment is much less than a thimble full, caught in core catcher rim and behind collar weights. Sed is dark/black and gritty, no odor detected. Core recovered sediment but most was lost at sea upon CTD recovery. Aleutian Basin-Bering Sea, N Bowers Ridge scarp. SOL MGL1111-MCS14.
Description: gritty dark/black mud, fine grained, no odor