Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS)

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Ship: Thomas G. Thompson
Cruise: TN273
Sample: TN273-08D
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: 12.68943 to 12.68751
Longitude: 143.38197 to 143.38609
Water Depth(m): 2915 to 2844
Date: 20111229 to 20111229
PI: Katherine Kelly
IGSN: URI900085
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: ridge crest

1kg of lava. One large rock and many small glass chips. Collected from a spreading center ridge axis, Mariana trough, hummocky volcanic mound on W side of ridge axis.
1 :    IGSN URI900086  
Lithology/Mineralogy: igneous (extrusive/volcanic), basalt, vesicular (>10% vesicles)
Comments: Sample TN273-08D-01-01. Vesicles < 1mm, 1% by volume
2 :    IGSN URI900087  
Lithology/Mineralogy: igneous (extrusive/volcanic), basalt
Comments: Sample TN273-08D-01-02. Several lava clasts (>100) 1-6cm in diameter

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