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Repository: USGSSP [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Unknown Platform
Cruise: EUSTIS
Sample: B-20
Device: drill
Latitude: 29.29905
Longitude: -89.78811
Date: 20001206
PI: Jim Flocks
Core length (cm): 110

Sample destroyed in Hurricane Katrina; Sediment sample source: donated by USACE; Sample location: Louisiana; samples range from .76 to 1.2 in diameter
1 :    [material from this subsample is not available]
Comments: Additional data and information available for this sample: description; grain size analysis (online); USGS publication (online): Dreher, C.A., Flocks, J.G., Ferina, N.F., and Kulp, M.A., 2008, Archive of Sediment Data Collected from Sandy Point to Belle Pass, Louisiana, 1983 through 2000 (Vibracore Surveys: 00SCC, CR83, P86, and USACE Borehole Cores): U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 344.