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Repository: USGSSP [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Gilbert
Cruise: 01RCE03 (G-3-01-LA)
Sample: 01VC011
Device: core, vibrating
Latitude: 29.17903
Longitude: -89.1057
Water Depth(m): 1
Date: 20010524
PI: Jim Flocks
Core length (cm): 349
Diameter (cm): 7.62

Sample storage facility: USGS SPCMSC, Core lab (upstairs); Sediment sample source: collected during USGS Field Activity; Sample location: Louisiana, Lake Pontchartrain Canal and Mississippi River
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Comments: Additional data and information available for this sample: description; sample photograph (online); grain size analysis (online); other analyses: concentrations of key contaminates; USGS publication (online): LASED