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Repository: URI [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Nautilus
Cruise: NA015
Sample: 019-ROVG
Device: grab, ROV
Latitude: 38.6392
Longitude: 14.0056
Water Depth(m): 414
Date: 20110917
PI: Croff Bell, Katy
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: trench, continental margin
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Lithology/Mineralogy: sedimentary (chemical), Mn/Fe oxide crusts and nodules matrix cement lithified sediment
Weathering/Metamorphism: metamorphism - hydrothermal
Comments: ROV grab samples of rocks at the active vent field (3 total). 1 sample came from near the vent. Temperature of vent: 17.22 C. Iron rich materials, very fragile. Subsamples: a=URI, b=Italy, c=New Zealand