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Repository: SOEST [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Kana Keoki
Cruise: KK810626-05
Sample: KK810626-5 STA99 RD74
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: 18.2325
Longitude: 174.1548
Water Depth(m): 1800 to 1500
Date: 19811112
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: seamount or seamount province

MidPacific Seamount. Nineteen buckets of samples available.
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Comments: Northeast side of seamount dredged - depths of 1800-1500 m. really good bites. 1000 lbs of rocks (450 kgs) in 11 bags. 50% of haul ( what a waste) consisted of Mn encrustation (pavement) up to 6 in (14 cm) thick. Often encrusted was a grey massive limestone. Carbonates - two types. 1) Massive, coarsely crystalline, almost pure white limestone with rare fossil traces. 2) Most of the carbonates consist of biogenic fragments of a reef community. Mollusks (incl. rudist?), benthic & planktonic forams, echinoid spires, and coral fragments. Rocjs are porous. Assemblage is Mid Cretaceous, probably.