Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS)

Repository: SOEST [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Kana Keoki
Cruise: KK840428-05
Sample: KK840428 STA55 RD24
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: 29.83883
Longitude: 179.035
Water Depth(m): 2055 to 1200
Date: 19840716
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: seamount or seamount province

Near Hancock Seamount
1 :   
Comments: One brittle star lite pinkish in color ~20 cm in diameter. Worm like sandy deposits (?) on several rocks possibly biological specimens but when touched just crubmled into sand. Color: greyish white. One photograph taken #21 Roll #1. 1200 - 2055 depth range. Hauled one (1) large slab + smaller chips 1.5-2 cm crusts thickness - botryoidal growths substrate highly altered. collected 1 bag full of fragments broken of large slab which contained Ca rich augite crystals, cobbles of fairly fresh matter also agglomerated in slab of altered matter.

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