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Repository: SOEST [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Melville
Cruise: BMRG06MV
Sample: BMRG06MV STA23 RD44
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: -40.97
Longitude: 78.78767
Water Depth(m): 2875 to 2867
Date: 19960309
PI: Kevin Johnson
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: rise or ridge, aseismic ocean

Southeast Indian Ridge; Sampling locale: low relief (~120 m) slope in center of axial valley, segment J4.
1 :   
Weathering/Metamorphism: weathering - moderate
Comments: Sample Type: Plg-phyric basalt. Mineralogy: Plagioclase. Weathering: moderate. Glass condition: >50% palagonitized glass. 1 bucket. Probe glass taken. 44-1 to 44-3 subsampled by DG. KJ has remainder of glass. glassy, plagioclase phyric pillow rinds ~ 1 cm thick with palagonite outer coating. Type 1 of this dredge. ~500 g total for 5 pieces
2 :   
Weathering/Metamorphism: weathering - heavy
Comments: Sample Type: Sheet flow basalt. Mineralogy: Plagioclase. Weathering: Moderate to heavy. Glass condition: Some palagonitized glass. 1 bucket. Probe glass taken. Whole rock subsampled by KN. Also one bag of unumbered type 2 rocks in bucket.~7 kg sheet flow basalt fragment with thin rind of weathered glass on one side with opposite side original glass completely weathered, and dark brown Mn/Fe staining on crystalline nterior. Vesicular and moderately plagiocalse phyric. Type 2 of this dredge.
3 :   
Weathering/Metamorphism: weathering - heavy
Comments: Sample Type: Vesic. basalt. Mineralogy: . Weathering: heavy. Glass condition: No glass. 1 bucket. Whole rock subsampled by KN.~1 kg hackly, vesicular, crystalline basalt fragment with yellow-orange alteration staining and vugs containing spar-shaped, brownish secondary mineral phase. Moderately plagioclase phyric with ~1 cm thick alteration rind. Type 3 of this dredge.

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