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Repository: SOEST [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Melville
Cruise: BMRG06MV
Sample: BMRG06MV STA63 RD65
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: -37.92783
Longitude: 78.1025
Water Depth(m): 1940 to 1850
Date: 19960326
PI: Kevin Johnson
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: rise or ridge, aseismic ocean

Southeast Indian Ridge; Sampling locale: low rise in axial valley segment I2.
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Weathering/Metamorphism: weathering - fresh
Comments: Sample Type: Basalt glass. Mineralogy: aphyric. Weathering: Fresh. Glass condition: Some fresh glass. 1 sample bag. Probe glass taken. subsampled by DG. Remaining glass to KJ.Glass from burlap cover of the weight bag. ~15g of aphyric glass conatining microphenocrysts of olivine and minor plagioclase.