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Repository: SOEST [Contact the Curator]
Ship: Moana Wave
Cruise: MW8518
Sample: MW8518 STA54 RD18
Device: dredge, rock
Latitude: -3.697
Longitude: 151.42667
Water Depth(m): 2680 to 2550
Date: 19851227
Storage: room temperature, dry
Province: basin, small ocean

Manus Basin. Samples 2,4,5 and two unnumbered samples available from this dredge.
1 :   
Comments: ~35 kg vesicular plag-phyric pillow fragments with mainly thin (5 mm) vesicular glassy rinds. Some rinds up to 1 cm. Average vesicle content ~10% with vesicles up to 1 cm. One piece with multiple glass selvedges giving a layered appearance - 5 glass ***janes*** inward from exterior margin. 3 peieces (~150 grams) white pumice. 5 pails + 1 bag = 6 total.