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Where are tsunamis most likely to occur in the United States?

    Alaska and the west coast
    BOTH of the above; Hawaii and Alaska and the west coast.

A tsunami is a:

    Tidal wave
    Series of sea waves
    Result of the El Ni?o

When do Tsunamis occur:

    Any time of the year, day or night.
    During the Winter.
    During the Summer.

If you feel a STRONG coastal earthquake that lasts 20 seconds or longer, you should:

    Drop, cover, and hold on.
    When the shaking stops, evacuate quickly.
    BOTH of the above; drop, cover, and hold on and when the shaking stops, evacuate quickly.

If an earthquake has generated a tsunami wave, what should you do?

    Return home.
    Wait until local officials tell you it is safe.
    Go to the beach to inspect the effects of the tsunami.