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Volcanic Ash Advisory Database

Volcanoes Image

Volcanic ash is a significant hazard to aviation and can also affect global climate patterns.

To ensure safe navigation and monitor possible climatic impact, the NOAA Satellite Services Division (SSD) tracks volcanic ash eruptions throughout the world. After an eruption, SSD issues a Volcanic Ash Advisory (VAA) message and a forecast of ash location in the atmosphere from the Volcanic Ash Forecast Transport and Dispersion (VAFTAD) model.

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Database contains VAA messages, VAFTAD model output, and substantiating information from 1983 to 2003, that have been scanned into image format. The substantiating information includes surface weather observations, pilot reports, volcanic observatory reports, news media reports, and satellite imagery for each event.

The database contains over 37,000 images

Volcanic Ash Advisory Parameters:

Volcano Name:
Dates of Eruption:
Beginning: Year Month Day
Ending: Year Month Day
Type of Information:
Type of Image:  
Enter a range of Event Coordinates in decimal degrees:
Latitude: 0 to 90 (Northern Hemisphere) -90 to 0 (Southern Hemisphere)
Longitude: 0 to 180 (Eastern Hemisphere) -180 to 0 (Western Hemisphere)

Northernmost Latitude (-90 to 90):
Westernmost Longitude (-179 to 180):
Easternmost Longitude (-179 to 180):
Southernmost Latitude (-90 to 90):
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