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Marine Geology & Geophysics CD/DVD-ROM Sets

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Antarctic Multi-Channel Seismic Data
Core Data from the DSDP
Core Data from the ODP Legs 101-129
East Coast US Multibeam Bathymetry
NOAA & MMS Marine Minerals
NOS Scanned Bathy/Fishing Maps
USGS & NOAA Gulf of Mexico Gloria Data

The Following CD/DVD-ROM Data Sets are Discontinued,
free data download is available via the links below.
Coastal Relief Models US East, Gulf, & West Coasts
ETOPO2v2 Global 2min Elevations
Global Relief Images on CD-ROM
Global Relief 5 minute Gridded Data
Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair
Lake Michigan Bathymetry
Lake Ontario Data
Land & Marine Gravity (1999)
NOS Hydrographic Data
Southern Oceans Geophysical Data
Trackline Geophysics

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