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CSC Lidar data location map

For complete information, and access to LIDAR data, use the link above to open a new window/go to NOAA's Coastal Services Center (CSC) Digital Coast website.

For more information on the archive of these data, please contact the NGDC LIDAR data manager:

NOAA Digital Coast Project

LIDAR Data Archive

NGDC is the long-term archive for LIDAR data from the Digital Coast Project at NOAA's Coastal Services Center (CSC). The Digital Coast Project replaces the CSC Topographic Change Mapping project, and follows in the footsteps of the Airborne LIDAR Assessment of Coastal Erosion (ALACE) project.

The ALACE project was a partnership between the NOAA Coastal Services Center, the NASA Observational Sciences Branch, and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Center for Coastal Geology.

The partnership collected LIDAR data along the sandy beaches of the U.S. from September 1996 to October 2000 using the NASA Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM) sensor. USGS and NASA continue to collect LIDAR data with the ATM for research purposes.

Beginning in 2001, the CSC has been contracting with the private sector for high-resolution topographic data to meet coastal management needs. Most of this data can be freely downloaded from the Digital Coast web site at CSC.