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National Lacustrine Core Repository (LacCore)

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LacCore is the US National Lacustrine Core Repository operated with grants from the National Science Foundation to the Limnological Research Center (LRC) and the Large Lakes Observatory (LLO) at the University of Minnesota. The mission of LacCore is to curate sediment cores from lakes around the world and archive the data for use by the global community of scientists interested in unlocking the secrets of past environment and climate in lake sediment cores.


The repository is located at the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota, in close proximity to the LRC Core Lab and a short drive to the facilities of the LLO. The facility consists of an open, state of the art Core Lab with a 200 cubic meter coolroom space for archival cold storage (4 degrees C) of split cores in D-tubes. There is also space for dry, room temperature storage of unsplit, dry cores in Lane Cabinets.
For sampling projects, LacCore provides space adjacent to the coldroom storage, equipped with sampling tables, standard sample vials and tools. Cores may also be transported to the LRC Core Lab for study and sampling.

Sample Collection

The repository archives cores from several expeditions in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. The collection encompasses short (~1m) gravity cores, mid-length (~6-10m) piston cores, and very long (>200m) drill cores. All cores are available for study by qualified individuals after a moratorium period following sample collection (see the LacCore web site for policies).

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