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National Geophysical Data Center


Baltimore Canyon - Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf

Data Announcement 86-MGG-06

     The Minerals Management Service has released to the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) for public dissemination approximately 1,200 km of 48-fold common depth point (CDP) seismic-reflection data. The data were collected in a manner suitable for a three-dimensional seismic survey study in Block 698, Baltimore Canyon, Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf by GSI under contract to Tenneco Oil. The original 95 CDP traverses, oriented NW-SE and 12.73 km each in length, are enhanced by computer-interpolated cross lines. The data were collected in June 1982 during exploratory oil and gas operations on four well leases. The well log data from these operations were announced by NGDC in 1982 and 1983.

     The original 1,200 km data were collected by a tuned airgun array of 4,075 cu. in. at 2,000 psi. The streamer length was 7,874 ft and comprised 36 geophone groups of 30 equally spaced geophones towed 940 ft astern at a depth of 36.03 ft. Record length of the data is 6 sec with a sample rate of 2 msec. Vertical scale of the sections is 5.0 in/sec. A total of 95 lines at full scale and 23 cross lines at half scale are available. Shot-point navigation is available on magnetic tapes.


     CDP Seismic Data:

        118 CDP seismic sections:

        Original Records (95 Full-Scale) are available in plastic sepia, paper sepia, and blackline.

        Computer-Interpolated Cross Lines (23 Half-Scale) are available in plastic sepia, paper sepia, and blackline.

        1 shot-point navigation tape (9-track, 1600 bpi, ASCII). This is also available on CD-ROM.

Please contact NGDC for prices.