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Marine Geology Data

USGS Continental Margin (CONMAR) Sediment File

NGDC Data Set G00253



Data are from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Reference No. 71-15, "Data File Continental Margin Program, Atlantic Coast of the United States, Vol. 2 Samples Collection and Analytical Data", compiled and edited by John C. Hathaway, US Geological Survey, Woods Hole, MA. (UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT) These data supersede Volume I (Hathaway, 1966) and its supplement (Hathaway, 1967). Reference 71-15 contains a complete description of methodology and file organization, excerpts of which are included in this file.

The USGS/WHOI Continental Margin (CONMAR) Data set was compiled by the US Geological Survey and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a joint program of study of the Atlantic continental margin of the US. The CONMAR set contains information for 3,715 cores, dredges, and grab samples, and consists of 20 files of grain size analyses/statistical parameters, composition of clay, sand, gravel and carbonate fractions, organic contents, heavy mineral and x-ray analyses, radioactivity counts, and major chemical and trace-element analyses.

An accompanying technical report contains a complete description of methodology and file organization: Hathaway, John C., 1971, Data File, Continental Margin Program, Atlantic Coast of the United States: WHOI Reference No. 71-15. These data are also included as ASCII files on the NOAA & MMS Marine Minerals CD-ROM data set released by NGDC in October of 1992.

There are twenty separate file types, each with an identifying code and format described at the end of this readme file. Data types include station and collection information, biology, sediment size and composition, carbonate, carbon, and nitrogen content, natural gamma radioactivity, x-ray diffraction analyses, clay fraction and heavy mineral analyses, and chemical analyses of major and trace elements.


NGDC/WDC GMG, Boulder archives a wide variety of digital marine geology data collections, paper reports, microfilm, etc. containing sediment and hardrock data. Many of the digital files are available for direct download. Sample-by-sample inventory information for all data, regardless of format available from NGDC are fully searchable through the marine geology inventory (GEOLIN).