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Version Notes
for the Data Hypercube of DSDP Legacy Data

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  • This is delivery v1.1 to MGG NGDC in Boulder. (v1.0 was initial assessment). The format of files may change if required by methods of serving / display.

  • Some aspects of the data that could do with further development.
    • The main one is that the geochronology is based on (?)shipboard paleontology. This should be replaced by the Lazarus scheme (NGDC dataset) at least, but also preferably with a new compilation by LDEO. Since the hypercube integration is computational, any new chronologies can be spliced in efficiently.
    • Not all the descriptive data could be successfully parsed. You can imagine that that is the case with some of the prose used by the describing scientists. On my assessment over 70% are parsed, and with an improved left-hand parser which is near complete, that will rise to over 90%.
    • Only 72 of the numerous possible components/features are listed. Future versions may extend to the complete (but evolving) set that is available from the data and the dbSEABED dictionary.
    • Not all the parameter themes of the CDROM have been incorporated. The most glaring absence is GRAPE, but also not treated yet are:

  • The subbottom depths are rendered exactly as given in the DSDP CDROM of input data. A conversion to later schemes may be possible in the future. Notice that by convention the way of placing sections in core lengths was changed at Leg 46.

  • The sample depths are only approximately in depth order, but are in strict order by section. Some top and bottom depth values may be reversed, where observers made that error.

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