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Marine Geology Data

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Southeast Asian Sediment Description (SEATAR) Data Set

Data Set G00249


related files: additional geophysical data and nondigital geological data are also available produced by SIO for the SEATAR project. please contact us for more details.


The SEATAR files were compiled by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography with funds from IDOE/NSF, as part of the SIO world sediment data bank, under the direction of Jane Frazer and Mary Fisk. Date were abstracted from published sources through 1976 and include descriptions of over 8,000 core, dredge, and grab samples from the area 15 degrees south to 45 degrees north, 90 degrees to 150 degrees east. The Indian Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Inland Sea, Eastern China Sea, Yellow Sea, Japan Sea, East Indian Archipelago, Coral Sea, Solomon Sea, and Bismarck Seas are included. The files include station information, bibliographic references, and descriptive information including lithology, percent CaCO3, constituents by grain size, organic material/fossils, ages, other features, and minerals. Additional types of geophysical SEATAR data in other formats are also available.


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