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  Dynasonde Ionosphere Explorer
  Explore from this site the current state of the ionosphere over several participating observatories. Interactive graphics on the following pages give detailed information for the present time and for the preceeding 48 hours, from advanced ionospheric sounding instrumentation and data processing methods.
  Real time data analysis by Dynasondes   Results of special campaigns and studies

Wallops Island Dynasonde

San Juan, PR Dynasonde

Boulder Colorado Dynasonde

Istanbul ITU Dynasonde

Access to EISCAT's Dynasonde Navigator web site, to the analysis results for EISCAT Tromsø Dynasonde, for EISCAT Svalbard Dynasonde, and to the Dynasonde Database


Huancayo Peru CONDOR campaign
(8-15 March 1983)

Real-Time Comparisons with Ionospheric Models and Other Techniques

Artificial Sporadic E in Platteville Heating Campaign
(2 October 1970 8:35-13:00 MDT)

What is... Ionosonde? Ionogram? ...a Digital Ionosonde? ...a Digital Ionogram? ...a Dynasonde?

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History of the Dynasonde
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