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At the 2003 General Assembly in Sapporo, IAGA Division V reorganized. What was formerly Working Group V-8 is now V-MOD: Geomagnetic Field Modeling. The aim of Working Group V-MOD of Division V is to promote and coordinate international efforts to model and analyze the internal geomagnetic field and its secular variation on both global and regional scales. The Working Group holds business meetings and arranges symposiums at IAGA Scientific Assemblies and IUGG General Assemblies. You can read a brief history of WG V-MOD.

The latest International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF-13) is released! Download the model file here. The file format remains the same as the previous IGRF coefficient file.

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13th Generation IGRF - Released December 2019
The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) released the 13th Generation International Geomagnetic Reference Field – the latest version of a standard mathematical description of the Earth's main magnetic field and used widely in studies of the Earth's deep interior, its crust and its ionosphere and magnetosphere. The coefficients for this degree and order 13 main field model were finalized by a task force of IAGA in December 2019. The IGRF is the product of a collaborative effort between magnetic field modellers and the institutes involved in collecting and disseminating magnetic field data from satellites and from observatories and surveys around the world. Before using the IGRF please look at the "Health Warning".

IGRF-13 is also available to download.

Online access to IGRF-13 is also available from the IGRF-13 calculator operated by BGS.

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