North Carolina, NC 6 meters NAVD 88 DEM

NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS) has created a digital elevation model of North Carolina to begin studying the impacts of long-term sea level rise on the coastal ecosystems in the sounds and estuaries of North Carolina. The study was led by the Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research/Coastal Ocean Program (CSCOR/COP) of the NOS National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, with technical support provided by the NOS National Geodetic Survey (NGS), Office of Coast Survey (OCS), and the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). They also cooperated to develop data sets, modeling tools, and maps that will be useful to coastal managers. DEM bounding coordinates are 75.74° to 77.27°W and 34.41° to 35.32°N.

Name North Carolina
States North Carolina
Region East Coast
-77.27 -75.74
Date Completed 2007-12-11
Type Sea-level Rise
Horizontal Datum NAD 83
Projection UTM Zone 18 N (meters)
Vertical Datum NAVD 88 (meters)
Coverage Bathy-topo
Cell Size 6 meters
Registration Grid-node
Version 1
Source NOAA / OCS / NOS
Developer NOAA / OCS / NOS
Contact Stephen A White @ NOAA
Position: not available


DEM Restrictions

WARNING: DEM not to be used for navigation.

How to cite this DEM

Please cite the DEM development report.
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