Wake Island, PI 1/3 arc-second MHW DEM

The Wake Island DEM integrates bathymetry and topography surrounding Wake Island in the Central Pacific. It covers the three low coral islands, Peale, Wake, and Wilkes, that make up the island, and extends onto the slopes of its volcanic pedestal. The DEM has a 1/3 arc-second (~10 meter) cell size, and is referenced to a vertical datum of mean high water. A larger, 3 arc-second (~90 meter) DEM was also developed. The DEMs were built in April 2009 to support NOAA's Tsunami Program.

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Name Wake Island
States Pacific Islands
Region Pacific Islands
166.47 166.82
Date Completed 2009-04-03
Type Coastal Inundation
Horizontal Datum WGS 84
Projection Geographic (degrees)
Vertical Datum MHW (meters)
Vertical Transformation Source elevation data transformed vertically using a constant offset.
Coverage Bathy-topo
Cell Size 1/3 arc-second
Registration Grid-node
Version 1
Source NOAA / NGDC / MGG
Developer NOAA / NGDC / MGG
Project NOAA Tsunami Inundation
Contact Barry W Eakins @ NOAA / NGDC
Position: not available


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WARNING: DEM not to be used for navigation.

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Grothe, P.R., L.A. Taylor, B.W. Eakins, K.S. Carignan, R.R. Warnken, E. Lim, and R.J. Caldwell, 2010. Digital Elevation Models of Wake Island: Procedures, Data Sources and Analysis, NOAA Technical Memorandum NESDIS NGDC-32, Dept. of Commerce, Boulder, CO, 22 pp.
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