Fajardo, PR 1/3 arc-second MHW DEM

The Fajardo DEM integrates bathymetry and topography in the area surrounding the town of Fajardo on the island of Puerto Rico. The DEM has a 1/3 arc-second (~10 meter) cell size, and is referenced to a vertical datum of mean high water. It was built in June 2007 to support NOAA's Tsunami Program. NGDC has developed a separate 1 arc-second DEM covering the entire island of Puerto Rico within the coordinate boundaries 65° to 68°W and 17° to 19°N.

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Name Fajardo
States Puerto Rico
Region Caribbean
-65.9 -65.35
Date Completed 2007-06-22
Type Coastal Inundation
Horizontal Datum WGS 84
Projection Geographic (degrees)
Vertical Datum MHW (meters)
Vertical Transformation Source elevation data transformed vertically using a constant offset.
Coverage Bathy-topo
Cell Size 1/3 arc-second
Registration Grid-node
Version 1
Source NOAA / NGDC / MGG
Developer NOAA / NGDC / MGG
Project NOAA Tsunami Inundation
Contact Barry W Eakins @ NOAA / NGDC
Position: not available


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WARNING: DEM not to be used for navigation.

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Taylor, L.A., Eakins, B.W., Carignan, K.S., Warnken, R.R., Sazonova, T., Schoolcraft, 2008. Digital Elevation Models of Puerto Rico: Procedures, Data Sources and Analysis, NOAA Technical Memorandum NESDIS NGDC-13, National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, CO, 27 pp.
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