(MD_CoverageDescription) samplingWaterDepth uuid: 57b95996-3ae0-441e-9a93-1b5cc6bce6b0
      RecordType:  Information about the location from which a sample of sediment or rock was collected from the sea floor or a lakebed.
    contentType:  (MD_CoverageContentTypeCode) physicalMeasurement
    dimension:  (MD_Band)
            aName:  Water Depth Meters
            attributeType:  unknown
        descriptor:  The depth from the surface of the water to the sea floor or lakebed at the location where a measurement was taken or sample collection was begun.
          Real:   23000
          Real:   0
          UnitDefinition:  d1e2274
            identifier:  corrected meters
            name:  corrected meters