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NGDC Marine Trackline Geophysics Database
    fileIdentifier:  gov.noaa.ngdc:G00129
    language:  eng; USA
    characterSet:  (MD_CharacterSetCode) utf8
    hierarchyLevel:  (MD_ScopeCode) dataset
    contact:  Trackline Team
    dateStamp:  2016-09-30
    metadataStandardName:  ISO 19115-2 Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data
    metadataStandardVersion:  ISO 19115-2:2009(E)
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    identificationInfo:  (MD_DataIdentification)
        citation:  (CI_Citation)
            title:  NGDC Marine Trackline Geophysics Database
            date:  (CI_Date)
                date:  1977-01-01
                dateType:  (CI_DateTypeCode) publication
            citedResponsibleParty:  NCEI (publisher)
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName:  National Geophysical Data Center
                contactInfo:  (CI_Contact)
                    address:  (CI_Address)
                        city:  Boulder
                        administrativeArea:  CO
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) publisher
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName:  DOC/NOAA/NESDIS/NGDC > National Geophysical Data Center, NESDIS, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce (comp.)
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) originator
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName:  U.S. and Foreign Academic Institutions
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) originator
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName:  U.S. and Foreign Government Agencies
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) originator
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName:  Private Companies
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) originator
            citedResponsibleParty:  (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName: (withheld)
                contactInfo:  (CI_Contact)
                    onlineResource:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                        linkage: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/geodas/trackline.html
                        name:  Marine Geophysical Trackline Data
                        description:  Home page of Trackline Data
                        function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) information
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) custodian
        abstract:  This data set contains bathymetry, magnetic, gravity and seismic shot point navigation data collected during marine cruises from 1939 to the present. Coverage is worldwide. These data are stored in the MGD77 exchange format and are available for download in a variety of user selectable formats. One Header record and multiple Data records are available for a particular cruise/leg (port to port operation). The Header record documents both the content and the structure of the subsequent Data records, containing that part of the data that remains invariant throughout the cruise. The Data records present geophysical data (bathymetry, magnetics and gravity) and seismic information (shot-point identification) with a corresponding time and position. Documentation that varies within the cruise is also included with the data records. Data are fully searchable on-line by geographic area, year of cruise, institution, platform, cruise, date or data type.
        purpose:  Marine Research and Commercial Exploration
        status:  (MD_ProgressCode) onGoing
        pointOfContact:  Brian Meyer
        resourceMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
            maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) irregular
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Earth Science > Oceans > Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography > Water Depth
            keyword:  Earth Science > Oceans > Marine Geophysics > Magnetic Anomalies
            keyword:  Earth Science > Oceans > Marine Geophysics > Marine Gravity Field
            keyword:  Earth Science > Oceans > Marine Geophysics > Marine Magnetics
            keyword:  Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geodetics/Gravity > Gravity
            keyword:  Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Anomalies
            keyword:  Earth Science > Solid Earth > Geomagnetism > Magnetic Field
            keyword:  Earth Science > Solid Earth > Seismology > Seismic Profile
            keyword:  Earth Science > Oceans > Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography > Bathymetry
            keyword:  Earth Science > Oceans > Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography > Seafloor Topography
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  GCMD Science Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Energy > Energy processes > Natural gas exploration
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Energy > Energy processes > Oil exploration
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Subject disciplines > Geophysics > Geophysics
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  INFOTERRA Keyword Thesaurus
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  NGDA Elevation Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  WDS Project Keyword
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Geographic Region > Global Ocean
            keyword:  Vertical Location > Sea Floor
            keyword:  Ocean > Arctic Ocean
            keyword:  Ocean > Atlantic Ocean
            keyword:  Ocean > Indian Ocean
            keyword:  Ocean > Pacific Ocean
            keyword:  Ocean > Southern Ocean
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) place
            thesaurusName:  GCMD Location Keywords
        descriptiveKeywords:  Data Center Keywords
        resourceConstraints:  NOAA Disclaimer
        resourceConstraints:  Not for Navigation
        language:  eng; USA
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) oceans
        extent:  (EX_Extent)
            geographicElement:  (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
                westBoundLongitude:  -180.00
                eastBoundLongitude:  180.00
                southBoundLatitude:  -90.00
                northBoundLatitude:  90.00
            temporalElement:  (EX_TemporalExtent)
                    beginPosition:  1939-01-01
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    identificationInfo:  Geophysical Trackline Data ArcGIS Map Service
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    distributionInfo:  (MD_Distribution)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  MGD77T
            version: (unknown)
        distributionFormat:  (MD_Format)
            name:  XYZ
            version: (unknown)
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  Trackline Team
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                fees:  Depends on the Data Set
                orderingInstructions:  Ordering Instructions: Trackline data can be obtained by visiting the Geophysical Survey Data Viewer at http://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/geophysics/. The user must then select the desired parameters (bathymetry, magnetics, gravity or seismic) and any other applicable filters. The user is then able to get all of the data that fit this criteria (within certain size limits) or may further refine their request by designating an area of interest. The user is then taken to a landing page where they can further refine the data that they would like to be delivered, format, and any other data that is available. The user then provides an email address where the user will be informed when their data package is available for download.
                turnaround:  1-2 Days
        transferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage: http://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/geophysics/
                name:  Geophysical Survey Data
                description:  Search for Marine Geophysical Trackline Data
                function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) search
            onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                linkage: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/geodas/trackline.html
                name:  Marine Geophysical Trackline Data Homepage
                description:  NGDC's Marine Trackline Geophysics database provides access to bathymetry, magnetics, gravity and seismic reflection data collected during marine cruises from 1939 to the present. Coverage is worldwide. Data sources include both US and non-US oceanographic institutions, universities, and government agencies.
                function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) information
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    dataQualityInfo:  NCEI repository history
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    metadataMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
        maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) annually
        maintenanceNote:  This metadata was automatically generated from the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata: Extensions for Remote Sensing Metadata standard (version FGDC-STD-012-2002) using the 2012-11-07 version of the FGDC RSE to ISO 19115-2 transform.
        maintenanceNote:  Translated from FGDC 2013-05-28T16:46:55.344-06:00
        maintenanceNote:  This record was automatically modified on 2015-09-17 to include references to NCEI where applicable.
        contact:  Anna Milan
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    acquisitionInformation:  (MI_AcquisitionInformation)
        instrument:  (MI_Instrument)
            identifier:  (MD_Identifier)
                code:  ECHO SOUNDERS
            type: (missing)
        instrument:  (MI_Instrument)
            identifier:  (MD_Identifier)
                code:  GRAVIMETERS
            type: (missing)
        instrument:  (MI_Instrument)
            identifier:  (MD_Identifier)
                code:  MAGNETOMETERS
            type: (missing)
        instrument:  (MI_Instrument)
            identifier:  (MD_Identifier)
            type: (missing)