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U.S. Coastal Relief Model - Central Gulf of Mexico
    fileIdentifier:  gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.dem:309
    language:  eng; USA
    characterSet:  (MD_CharacterSetCode) utf8
    hierarchyLevel:  (MD_ScopeCode) dataset
    contact:  DEM Info
    dateStamp:  2017-01-30
    metadataStandardName:  ISO 19115-2 Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data
    metadataStandardVersion:  ISO 19115-2:2009(E)
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    referenceSystemInfo:  NAD83
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    referenceSystemInfo:  MSL
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    identificationInfo:  (MD_DataIdentification)
        citation:  (CI_Citation)
            title:  U.S. Coastal Relief Model - Central Gulf of Mexico
            date:  (CI_Date)
                date:  2001-01-01
                dateType:  (CI_DateTypeCode) publication
            edition:  First
            identifier:  (MD_Identifier)
                  Anchor:  DOI doi:10.7289/V54Q7RW0
            citedResponsibleParty:  NCEI (publisher)
            citedResponsibleParty:  National Geophysical Data Center
            citedResponsibleParty:  https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/docucomp/A24B6AFE-F5DB-CFE7-9A73B800725AF258 (CI_ResponsibleParty)
                organisationName: (template)
                role:  (CI_RoleCode) originator
        abstract:  NGDC's U.S. Coastal Relief Model (CRM) provides the first comprehensive view of the U.S. coastal zone integrating offshore bathymetry with land topography into a seamless representation of the coast. The CRM spans the U.S. East and West Coasts, the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, reaching out to, and in places even beyond, the continental slope. Bathymetric and topographic data sources include: NGDC's NOS hydrographic surveys, multibeam bathymetry, and trackline bathymetry; the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS); and other federal government agencies and academic institutions. Bathymetric contours from the International Bathymetric Chart of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico project were also used. Digital elevation models (DEMs) of the Great Lakes, Southern Alaska, and high-resolution DEMs of U.S. coastal communities and territories are also available.
        purpose:  To provide long-term scientific data stewardship for the Nation's geophysical data, ensuring quality, integrity, and accessibility.
        status:  (MD_ProgressCode) underDevelopment
        pointOfContact:  DEM Info
        resourceMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
            maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) asNeeded
        graphicOverview:  (MD_BrowseGraphic)
            fileName: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/coastal/startcrm.jpg
            fileDescription:  View of U.S. Coastal Relief Model
            fileType:  JPEG
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > OCEANS > Marine Geophysics > Continental Shelves
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > OCEANS > Bathymetry > Seafloor Topography
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > OCEANS > Marine Geophysics > Continental Rises/Slopes
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > OCEANS > Bathymetry > Water Depths
            keyword:  EARTH SCIENCE > OCEANS > Coastal Processes > Coastal Elevation
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  NASA/GCMD Earth Science Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Marine environments > Coastal Ecosystems > Coastal Areas
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Subject disciplines > Geophysics > Geophysics
            keyword:  INFOTERRA > Subject disciplines > Geomorphology > Geomorphology
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  INFOTERRA Keyword Thesaurus
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Coastal Bathymetry
            keyword:  Outer Continental Shelf
            keyword:  Coastal Topography
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) theme
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  Uncontrolled Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  WDS Project Keyword
        descriptiveKeywords:  (MD_Keywords)
            keyword:  Sea Floor
            keyword:  Gulf of Mexico
            keyword:  North America
            type:  (MD_KeywordTypeCode) place
            thesaurusName:  (CI_Citation)
                title:  NASA/GCMD Location Keywords
                date: (unknown)
        descriptiveKeywords:  Data Center Keywords
        resourceConstraints:  (MD_LegalConstraints)
            useLimitation:  (MD_RestrictionCode) otherRestrictions
            otherConstraints:  Cite as: National Geophysical Data Center, 2001. U.S. Coastal Relief Model - Central Gulf of Mexico. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA. doi:10.7289/V54Q7RW0 [access date].
        resourceConstraints:  not for navigation
        resourceConstraints:  copyright statement
        resourceConstraints:  NOAA disclaimer
        aggregationInfo:  Coastal Relief Model Project
        language:  eng; USA
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) oceans
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) geoscientificInformation
        topicCategory:  (MD_TopicCategoryCode) elevation
        extent:  (EX_Extent)
            geographicElement:  (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
                westBoundLongitude:  -94.00
                eastBoundLongitude:  -87.00
                southBoundLatitude:  24.00
                northBoundLatitude:  35.00
            temporalElement:  (EX_TemporalExtent)
                    beginPosition:  1999-01-01
        supplementalInformation:  The vertical datum for the source bathymetric data was generally mean lower low water (MLLW). Source topographic data were in NAVD 88. The differences between these datums are less than the vertical accuracy of the CRM, so you can assign Mean Sea Level to the CRM if you like, just recognize that the elevation values may not be as accurate as you might like or need. Assume a vertical accuracy no better than 1 meter for any elevation values in the CRM. Because of its relatively large cell size (3 arc-seconds or roughly 90 m), no effort was made to establish a common vertical datum as the uncertainty in the elevation value of each cell exceeds the differences between vertical datums (typically sub-meter).
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    identificationInfo:  Color Shaded Relief ArcGIS Map Service
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    identificationInfo:  Footprints ArcGIS Map Service
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    contentInfo:  (MI_CoverageDescription)
          RecordType:  Measure of elevation values in meters.
        contentType:  (MD_CoverageContentTypeCode) image
        dimension:  (MI_Band)
                identifier:  urn:ogc:def:uom:OGC::m
                name:  meter
                unitsSystem:  http://www.bipm.fr/en/si/
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    distributionInfo:  (MD_Distribution)
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  DEM information
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                fees:  No charge for download
            distributorFormat:  (MD_Format)
                name:  ASCII xyz
                version: (unknown)
            distributorFormat:  (MD_Format)
                name:  ASCII raster
                version: (unknown)
            distributorFormat:  (MD_Format)
                name:  NetCDF
                version: (unknown)
            distributorFormat:  (MD_Format)
                name:  binary float
                version: (unknown)
            distributorTransferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
                onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                    linkage: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/dem/demportal.html
                    name:  DEM Discovery Portal
                    description:  DEM search portal
                    function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) search
            distributorTransferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
                onLine:  (CI_OnlineResource)
                    linkage: http://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/wcs-client/
                    protocol:  http
                    name:  Grid Extract Tool
                    description:  Grid Extract Tool
                    function:  (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) download
        distributor:  (MD_Distributor)
            distributorContact:  User Services
            distributionOrderProcess:  (MD_StandardOrderProcess)
                fees:  CD-ROM: 25 USD plus shipping and handling.
                orderingInstructions:  CD-ROM: Prepay by bank card. There is a standard handling charge, with additional costs for special handling. Orders may be placed on-line, via fax, email, regular mail or telephone.
                turnaround:  4 Days
            distributorFormat:  (MD_Format)
                name:  GRD98 binary raster format
                version: (unknown)
            distributorFormat:  (MD_Format)
                name:  GIF
                version: (unknown)
            distributorTransferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
                offLine:  (MD_Medium)
                    name:  (MD_MediumNameCode) cdRom
                    mediumFormat:  (MD_MediumFormatCode) iso9660
                    mediumNote:  G02062-CDR-A0001
            distributorTransferOptions:  (MD_DigitalTransferOptions)
                offLine:  (MD_Medium)
                    name:  (MD_MediumNameCode) dvdRom
                    mediumFormat:  (MD_MediumFormatCode) iso9660
                    mediumNote:  G02163-DVD-A0001
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    dataQualityInfo:  NCEI repository history
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    metadataMaintenance:  (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
        maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency:  (MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode) annually
        dateOfNextUpdate:  2018-01-30
        maintenanceNote:  This metadata was automatically generated from the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata: Extensions for Remote Sensing Metadata standard (version FGDC-STD-012-2002) using the 2012-08-07 version of the FGDC RSE to ISO 19115-2 transform for DEMs.
        maintenanceNote:  Translated from FGDC 2012-08-08T16:52:58.707-06:00
        maintenanceNote:  Last Metadata Review Date: 2017-01-30
        maintenanceNote:  This record was automatically modified on 2015-09-03 to include references to NCEI where applicable.
        contact:  Kelly Carignan
        contact:  Anna Milan