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Marine Geology Reports in the NGDC Archive
Scanned Marine Geology Reports in the NGDC Archive
browse graphicHistoric Marine Geologic data reports available are from academia, government, and non-U.S. sources. These reports were originally in paper or film form and were scanned to Portable Document Format (PDF) to enable online browse/download and archive in digital form. The following are examples of the types of analyses of sediment or rock from the ocean floor or lakebeds worldwide which may be included in individual data reports: descriptions of composition and/or lithology, grain size and other physical properties, mineralogy, geochemistry, paleontology, petrology, paleomagnetism and acoustics of sediment. They may also contain low-resolution photographs of cores or dredges, or the ocean floor. Reports are searchable via the Marine Geology Digital Inventory and may also be linked to/discoverable via the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS). Scanned images of most paper data reports are available to view online, however, some Copyrighted reports contributed through the World Data Center System are available for on-site inspection only. For these reports, the geologic inventory provides links to the contributing institution for ordering.

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