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Selected Geomagnetic Measurements From Several Satellites
More than 17 million selected magnetic observations from several orbiting low-altitude satellites are contained in this digital collection. Except for MAGSAT, all the observations are of total intensity (F) only. The MAGSAT data contain both scalar and vector X, Y, Z) values. MAGSAT was launched into a sun-lit, sun- synchronous orbit (350 to 550 km high) on October 30, 1979 with re- entry occurring on June 11, 1980. The MAGSAT data are being used for derivation of magnetic field models, magnetic field mapping, magnetic anomaly mapping, and inner earth studies. Twelve 9-track 1600 BPI, binary magnetic tapes {INV-B} cover a time span from November 2, 1979 to May 19, 1980. The data are organized by orbit number. Each data record contains 30 data points at approximately 5 second intervals. Additional magnetic tapes contain MAGSAT low- latitude scalar anomaly value data, gridded scalar anomaly data and Quiet Time data. In addition to the MAGSAT data, data from the OGO, Cosmos and Vanguard satellites are available. The POGS experiment magnetometer is of the same type that was designed and built by NASA for the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP). The only modification to the design was to add extra thermal mass in order to reduce the magetometer’s thermal drift to something less than 50 mT/goev. The U.S. Navy uses this satellite to update its World Magnetic Model (WMMxx). Inclination Apogee Perigee Launch Dates: OGO2 10-14-65 Incl = 87.3 Ap = 410 Per = 1510 OGO4 07-28-67 Incl = 86 Ap = 410 Per = 910 OGO6 06-05-69 Incl = 82 Ap = 400 Per = 1100 COSMOS49 Oct 64 Incl = 49 Ap = 490 Per = 260 POGS 04-11-90 Incl = 89.88 Ap = 71195.95 Per = 7002.94 MAGSAT 10-30-79 Incl = 96.76 Ap = 561 Per = 352

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